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Construction companies and similar

We offer companies to diversify their investments also by directly developing a real estate project. Taking advantage of our experience, we support you in facing the new entrepreneurial initiative by coordinating all the areas related to each activity.
We accompany your building projects with the utmost care and attention to detail. Thanks to the consolidated skills of Innova.Re’s professionals, we coordinate the entire project even on the construction site, organize priorities and set deadlines. With one goal in mind: achieving the result.

Working closely with construction companies and specialist companies means building a relationship of mutual trust. Technicians take care of the practice, concreteness and know-how related to the building profession. Innova.Re takes advantage of its ability to plan activities and to intervene promptly with high problem solving skills. In fact, we coordinate all the aspects of every single project, we evaluate the professional figures to be involved and we monitor the work, collaborating with the Client, the Works Management and the Contracting Companies.

This is the technical advice that the surveyor Mauro Rizzinelli devotes to building contractors.