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About us

Our goal is to give more value to your property, creating a profitable dialogue from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. For over 35 years we have been providing our customers with consolidated skills in the real estate market aimed at achieving successful projects.

We give more value to your real estate assets

Innova.Re is born around the dynamic figure of the entrepreneur Mauro Rizzinelli, who proposes a new way to face the real estate market. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the market, we grasp the potential of your real estate and suggest the best way to enhance it. Every customer has specific needs. Based on this premise, Innova.Re identifies from time to time a team that takes care of every aspect of the phases of the real estate project.

Surveyor Mauro Rizzinelli, Executive Director and Project Manager of Innova.Re, coordinates all the professional figures involved in the project, thanks to his entrepreneurial experience through a broad overview.

All this is possible thanks to the approach of an entrepreneur who has been interacting with other entrepreneurs for years and who puts his experience at the service of the client for planning and work coordination.

Innova.Re anticipates and follows the guidelines of the market, thus seizing the potential of each single property. We take care of every aspect concerning a project: from the analysis of the urban plan to the preliminary technical analysis, from the definition of the architectural project to the identification of the companies to entrust it, up to the promotion, renting and sales activities. All in keeping pace with an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Our vision

Our vision guides every aspect of Innova.Re. The goals of our team are:

  • to revive a building created for a specific function and become lifeless and completely out of use over time
  • to transform the same place both from an environmental point of view, with a new project, and from a social perspective, with new contents and new functions
  • to help creating a better quality of life for the people who will live in a renewed space

The redevelopment and recovery operations of a property have as a priority its annuity and revaluation. The result is closely linked to the quality of the technical intervention.

To guarantee the finalization of the objective, all the valorisation processes are followed by professionals with a consolidated body of targeted skills, coordinated by Mauro Rizzinelli, the entrepreneur who understands and interprets the needs of his business clients.

Our mission

Do you have a problem with your property? We are committed to finding a viable solution, providing direct advice and assistance, creating concrete proposals that allow the client to make the most of his property.

We believe that real estate has a soul: our mission is to give new life to areas and buildings whose function has weakened over time, to rediscover or increase its value. Our proposal is unique within the Italian construction sector: the evolution of the market has led us to present a new way of thinking about Real Estate.

As the only project references, in fact, we manage the coordination at all times.

Is the documentation of your property in order? What costs do you have to pay to adapt it to current regulations? What are your goals for your property and what project dwould you like to develop? Who do you need to interface with for a secure real estate investment?

Innova.Re has an answer to all these questions and manages, with its team, the operational part, interfacing with the various professional figures involved.


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