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We give more value
to your real estate assets

Do you have a property available but don’t know how to enhance it?
Do you think your building or land has unexpressed potential?
Get in touch with our competent professional team at Innova.Re.

To enhance your real estate assets, you need the specific skills and real estate advice of an entrepreneur with a broad vision that meets the needs of other entrepreneurs: Innova.Re optimizes your investment in Real Estate.

Real estate consultancy from entrepreneur to entrepreneur: Innova.Re is born around the dynamic figure of the entrepreneur Mauro Rizzinelli, who suggests a new way to face the real estate market.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the market, we grasp the potential of your real estate and we suggest the best way to enhance it.

Sell? Restructure? Invest? It is important to make the right choice at the right time, choosing the real estate advice of an entrepreneur at the service of entrepreneurs.
Timing is everything: we examine the physical and functional resources of land and buildings with the aim of maximizing their potential. To fully grasp the value of the project, we analyze the context in which it is inserted and evaluate the environmental and market dynamics.

for you

How can we enhance your property or real estate project? Together with our customer, we think about how to make the most of a property or a real estate investment and make tailor-made proposals for both companies and individuals.

Real estate
development company

We deal with the complex dynamics related to urban planning. We evaluate the technical, commercial and management feasibility as well as the financial coverage of the project that we intend to develop.

Investors and
real estate lenders

We provide the know-how of our professionals with many years of experience in the business to realize your real estate investment.


We turn to industrial entrepreneurs who look to the future by investing in their company. We support the client in the research, implementation or expansion of the new production sites by directly following all the phases of the project.

Construction companies
and similar

We offer companies to diversify their investments also by directly developing a real estate project. With our consolidated experience we support you in facing the new entrepreneurial initiative coordinating all aspects related to the various activities.

Financial institutions
and entities

We turn to the technical and real estate offices of financial institutions and entities which need support in the management of their real estate assets, through a new enhancement strategy.

and consultants

Sales of buildings subjected to procedures: Innova.Re can be a valuable consultant with commercial decisions proposing innovative ways to sell such properties.

Real estate analysis
Urban analysis
Property analysis
Market analysis
Expectations analysis
Financial plan drafting
Team identification
Business identification
Scheduling timelines
Management and coordination
Final financial statement


Innova.Re aims to be a single point of reference for companies, investment companies, private individuals, to enhance land and buildings.
We manage your real estate project from the initial analysis to the final balance, with a broad overview.
From the preliminary stages to the promotion, sale or rental of the property, we best meet your needs thanks to a consolidated and specific experience.

Why choose us

We offer our skills, gained in over 35 years in the field, to companies, individuals and institutions.


We believe in the importance of teamwork and value everyone’s abilities: we do not overlap with any pre-existing professional figures, but rather interact with the various figures in the field.

Tailor-made solutions

We carefully study a strategy for each individual project, in order to enhance its specific characteristics and potential.


We are constantly keeping us updated on the real estate business news: we can therefore suggest the best strategy to intercept the needs.