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and business consulting

The choice of a real estate investment involves numerous evaluations. Proceeding in total autonomy is a demanding job, which involves considerable risks, especially in times of constantly evolving markets. Relying on competent professionals is therefore the most suitable decision.
Innova.RE knows every aspect of the real estate sector well: here specific action can be taken in a precise and profitable way, leaving nothing to chance.

We analyze the updated situation of the property, with an analysis of the property ownership of the real estate, any restrictions, easement with the related notarial-cadastral correspondences.
We examine the urban situation by checking the destinations of use of the buildings and the potential urban forecasts with the possibilities of building development.
To better define the objectives of the property together with the customer, we employ and involve professional technicians with consolidated experience in the field.

Innova.Re real estate consultancy comes from the professionalism of an entrepreneur who meets the necessities of other entrepreneurs, intercepting their needs and suggesting the best solutions.

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