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Are you a construction company? Invest in real estate with Innova.Re

investimento immobiliare

Innova.Re has developed specific real estate consultancy services aimed at both private individuals and companies, such as construction companies. Mauro Rizzinelli's real estate consultancy for construction companies aims to increase the value of the property and, consequently of the work of the contracted construction company - thanks to Innova.Re's taste and sensitivity for design, which add to the skills and experience of the construction companies with which it collaborates. When a construction company decides to invest in a real estate project, Innova.Re helps coordinate all the design aspects, supporting their activities.

Who Innova.Re turned to

For this real estate consultancy project Innova.Re turned to the construction company that decided to invest in the real estate operation, promoting and carrying out the building interventions.

Innova.Re's services for real estate investments of construction companies

  • Business consulting services to optimize the investment.
  • Financial advice for the correct economic evaluation.
  • Coordination of the design phase by splitting the intervention into individual building lots required by the market.
  • Coordination and identification of marketing and sales strategies.

The intervention of Innova.Re for the optimization of real estate investment

Working and collaborating with a construction company in a real estate investment project means coordinating a project by analyzing each variable and detail to really optimize the investment. Starting from the beginning, the studies were carried out on the property being acquired, with the resolution of some issues related to existing encumbrances and easements. Furthermore, Innova.Re has taken care of, evaluated and defined the building types, studying the needs and optimizing the choices of the property. For each lot the functional destination in the project was planned, taking into account market trends.

Are you a construction company interested in collaborating with a key figure in the real estate market to receive a dedicated real estate consultancy? Discover all the potential and advantages offered by Innova.Re by contacting the company for a meeting.