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Construction of new houses: Innova.Re’s experiences

realizzazione nuove abitazioni

Innova.Re has been enhancing your properties for 35 years, seizing the possibilities and thinking about a real estate project that will improve and renew the space. In this case history the entrepreneur Mauro Rizzinelli, Innova.Re's promoter, describes in details the construction of new houses.

The numerous constructions of new houses carried out over the years make Innova.Re the qualified, experienced consultant and project manager for the management of important works of revaluation of the buildings. Rethinking a real estate area does not mean simply intervening on its structure, but also on the social fabric that is created around the project. In fact, by redeveloping buildings and industrial areas, for example, employment is generated in the new activities that settle in the structure, renovated and redesigned for the public.

Who Innova.Re turned to

Working the renovation and redevelopment projects of buildings for the construction of new houses Innova.Re was able to interface and coordinate with the real estate development companies that carried out the building works.

Innova.Re's services for the redevelopment of buildings and areas

  • Business consulting services to optimize the investment.
  • Financial advice for the correct economic evaluation.
  • Coordination of the design phase to propose what is required by the market.
  • Coordination and identification of sales marketing strategies.
  • Coordination of the various activities related to the execution of the works.

The intervention of Innova.Re for the construction of new houses

The projects coordinated by Innova.Re for the renovation and redevelopment of buildings and the construction of new houses allowed to recover historic buildings, such as the "municipal house", later used for commercial and residential use. Each renovated area is never thought of as a separate core, but rather as a redesigned complex to interact with the surrounding space, giving added value to the area. The functional urbanization works completed the intervention.

Innova.Re has realized new housing interventions according to the specific market requests, splitting the initial areas into small lots aimed to unified single and two-family houses. In the implementation phase particular attention has always been paid to the functionality of the projects and the quality of the materials used.

If you are looking for a dynamic and experienced partner, an entrepreneur who speaks to entrepreneurs and who follows you in the construction of new houses, contact Innova.Re and we'll arrange a meeting.