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Innova.Re and the industrial project: dedicated business consultancy

architettura industriale

How many times do you go through the gates of a company, customer or supplier, and find yourself in front of structures and warehouses that are all the same, showing no personality? On the other hand, let's consider when we observe a façade that captures attention, which is striking for its design and intrigues for details. The industrial architecture manages to communicate a lot to those who are about to enter the structure, even before they meet the people who animate that company.

Innova.Re is the single point of contact that coordinates all aspects of the revaluation and restructuring of a building, at every stage. All the expertise and experience of Mauro Rizzinelli in the real estate field allow Innova.Re to propose itself for important entrepreneurial consultancy projects for the renovation of industrial buildings. In this case history Innova.Re describes its intervention in the field of industrial architecture.

Who Innova.Re turned to

For this important industrial architecture project Innova.Re collaborated with a company that needed to expand its work spaces: warehouse, offices and warehouse.

Innova.Re services for industrial buildings

Innova.Re has provided the company with the complete project management service on the entire operation to expand the industrial spaces. Specifically, the activity developed around these services:

  • Entrepreneurial consultancy to optimize the investment while finding the area, with the aim of responding effectively to the expectations of the owner.
  • Coordination for both urban planning phases in municipal relations and building phases in relations with professionals.
  • Coordination of the various activities of the companies and suppliers relating to the execution of the works and in compliance with the time schedule.
  • Preparation of a budget for the entire operation and constant monitoring between estimates and final balance.

The industrial architecture intervention of Innova.Re

This project of industrial architecture has seen the intervention of Innova.Re for the expansion of the company's production warehouse. In an urban context characterized by industrial buildings, the work of Innova.Re has given this structure a unique and distinctive line of design. The challenge, linked to the complexity of the intervention, was the construction of the new building to be expanded together with the completion of the existing spaces, without hindering the business work activity. The new buildings are intended for the most part to production spaces, others to warehouses and further future offices, while the rest to technical spaces necessary for business activities.

Want to ask for advice to an entrepreneur who gives a functional and design form to the spaces of other entrepreneurs? Contact Innova.Re for a meeting and find out how to restructure your company by giving new value to real estate with its consulting services dedicated to industrial architecture.