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Investment optimization in building land with Innova.Re

ottimizzazione investimento terreni

Buying land does not simply mean getting hold of a lot of land. This decision also brings with it a future vision of what can be built on that land, which goes through important, and often complex, authorization request steps to public bodies.That's how Mauro Rizzinelli becomes a key figure with his entrepreneurial advice on real estate, to optimize investments in building land.
An overall picture, that of Innova.Re, which allows individuals and companies to rely on a single and competent point of reference who coordinates each phase of the project, born from listening to the needs of the client. In this case history Innova.Re explains all the steps of his real estate consultancy for the purchase and development of building land.

Who Innova.Re had involved

Innova.Re worked closely with the real estate promotion company and the lenders who had invested in this complex real estate investment optimization project in land, promoting the building works in the project.

Innova.Re services for investment optimization in building land

  • Business consulting services for investment optimization.
  • Financial consultancy for the correct economic evaluation of the entire operation and individual lots.
  • Coordination of the urban planning phase, with the resolution of the variegated problems related to the authorizations of the interested bodies.
  • Project coordination and continuous institutional relationship with the municipal administration to obtain a well-balanced project between public needs and the necessary private needs.
  • Commercial evaluation and shared decision regarding the division of the entire area into individual building lots required by the market.
  • Coordination and identification of sales marketing strategies.

Innova.Re's intervention for land investments

The analysis were carried out on the property during the acquisition of the entire real estate operation with the resolution of some problems related to existing constraints. In light of the municipal urban planning forecasts, the building types to be designed were assessed and defined, identifying the splitting of individual lots as the most appropriate choice for the property. Innova.Re has provided the functional destinations of planned lots and individual buildings as a result of the analysis and trends of the local market and in relation to the current urban planning restrictions. The expectations of the promoter and lending proprietary company were assessed and shared in relation to the goals they set. An important coordination work and real estate consultancy that has allowed us to optimize this investment in building land.

Are you looking for a single point of contact with a network of professionals at your disposal to optimize your investment in building land? Contact Innova.Re for a meeting and discover the potential of real estate consulting service.