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Innova.Re and real estate promotion: coordination of a new project

promozione immobiliare

The key word of Innova.Re is coordination. What is it about? It deals with all the phases of construction of a real estate project, with the figures and professionals involved, with the client and of his needs and expectations, with the public bodies concerned. Especially in the case of urban planning projects. In this case history Mauro Rizzinelli explains the services related to real estate promotion and the coordination of an urban planning project.

Who Innova.Re turned to

For this ambitious project Innova.Re offered its advice to the company that dealt with the real estate promotion of the aforementioned site.

Innova.Re's services for real estate promotion

  • Business consulting services to optimize the investment.
  • Financial advice for the correct economic evaluation and a first hypothesis of financial coverage.
  • Coordination of project work both in the urban and building phases to propose the building types required by the market.

Innova.Re's intervention for the coordination of the urban project

The renderings presented in the gallery of this case history contain the study and design proposed by Innova.Re for this real estate promotion project. The business and financial consultancy started with the analysis carried out on the fractioned properties during the acquisition of the buildings and with the resolution of some problems of existing encumbrances and easements. The real estate developer relied on Innova.Re's experience in urban planning and design, without neglecting considerations on market and design trends.

If what you are looking for is a single point of contact able to coordinate every aspect of a real estate project, as well as taking into account real estate promotion, then you are on the right page: contact Innova.Re.