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Innova.Re goes to the countryside: the building renovation of a farmhouse

ristrutturazione antico casale

A farmhouse in the countryside. The light that becomes a structural element. The materials that tell the tradition of the land and the surrounding environment. The glass windows that widen the breath of the spaces. Are you ready to visit this ancient renovated farmhouse?

The building renovation project of the farmhouse presented in this case history required the intervention of a real estate project manager for the coordination of renovation and work execution. Innova.Re is the company that, thanks to the entrepreneur Mauro Rizzinelli, is a single point of reference for real estate projects that require the intervention of various professionals.

Who turned to

For this renovation project of an ancient farmhouse, Innova.Re turned to the private real estate investor who carried out the renovation of a Recovery Plan.

Innova.Re's services for the renovation of an ancient farmhouse

  • Business consulting services to optimize the investment.
  • Financial advice for the correct economic evaluation and finding the financial coverage.
  • Coordination of the planning phase and connection with the Municipal Administration in issuing building permits.
  • Coordination of the various activities related to the execution of the works with great attention in the choice of companies and qualified suppliers.

The intervention of Innova.Re for the building renovation of a farmhouse

An intervention of prestige has been conceived and carried out involving the urbanistic and building restoration of an ancient agricultural estate with farmsteads. Innova.Re helped partly with a restoration of the existing structures and partly with a careful restructuring of the houses. The Real Estate company has recovered a piece of agricultural history in a territory devoted to viticulture, enhancing the entire property.

In the construction phase, particular attention was paid to the quality of the finishing materials combined with the functionality of the spaces, creating unique and divisible environments. Thanks to the architectural recovery of the farmhouse it has been possible to obtain some housing units, service areas and tourist-accommodation functions that integrate perfectly with each other. The revitalization of this ancient village was taken as an example by some public administrations and private investors to replicate this recovery project in similar contexts.

Would you like to meet the real estate representative for the architectural restoration of ancient villages and farmhouses? Contact Innova.Re.