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Recovery of an abandoned area: Innova.Re and the redevelopment of a site

recupero area dismessa

Innova.Re by Mauro Rizzinelli has brought his innovative approach to the real estate market. What is it? An entrepreneur turned to entrepreneurs, a key figure that coordinates every aspect of the project, with a strong experience and a broad overview , which anticipates market trends and has a consolidated network of partners, which translates into savings in terms of time and costs for the client.

The intervention of industrial redevelopment in an area occupied by an old abandoned lime kiln made it possible to recover the structure and enhance the nearby area.

Who Innova.Re turned to

For this recovery project for an abandoned area, Innova.Re has provided its experience to the real estate investor and the development company that carried out the urban and building recovery and industrial redevelopment project.

Innova.Re's services for the enhancement of abandoned areas

  • Business advisory service to optimize real estate investment taking into account the particular nature of the asset.
  • Financial advice identifying the banking partner and the most suitable financial instrument.
  • Coordination of the planning phase respecting the existing constraints to respond to the requests of the municipal administration.
  • Coordination and identification of sales and marketing strategies.
  • Coordination of the complex activities related to the execution of the works with particular reference to the identification of expert and qualified companies.

The restoration of an abandoned area with Innova.Re

The industrial redevelopment project involved the restoration of two existing towers to bring them back to their former glory. The property now has a commercial and residential function. Furthermore, the project involved the nearby abandoned area, which was also transformed into a residential area. The structural limits of the building have challenged Innova.Re's planning expertise that has invested above all in the quality of the materials used for the enhancement of this abandoned area while taking into account functionality.

Would you like to know how Innova.Re can recover abandoned areas, giving new life to the whole area or neighborhood? Contact us.